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By entering into a long-term fixed-price agreement with Imperial Fasteners / Kotadia Inc. Distribution Services, you’ll always have access to the parts you need at a low, fixed price.
we can improving production efficiency through kitting and assembly. Kitting bundles related products such as fasteners into one product called a kit, and assembly arranges all the parts of a kit so that it is ready for shipping.
Flexibility to include both the manufacturer’s and customer’s part numbers, barcodes, lots and dates. Custom labels make your products attractive to customers.
With over 2,9000 Custom SKU’s in Inventory, Imperial fasteners is your trusted source for custom fasteners and class C production components. We align the best source, material and method,
Class “C” components, such as fasteners, tend to be the low value items used in manufacturing. However, they account for up to 80% of production inventory and can consume up to 50% of a purchasing manager’s time.