The Parts You Need at the Prices You Expect

Why shop around for the Fasteners parts you know you will need time and time again? By entering into a long-term fixed-price agreement with Imperial Fasteners / Kotadia Inc. Distribution Services, you’ll always have access to the parts you need at a low, fixed price.


By working with you to optimize your supply chain model, we ensure that you have material when you need it, where you need it, and how you need it. Long-Term Agreements provide forecasted requirements at contracted prices and leverages ability to aggregate demand over multiple customers and long periods to stabilize pricing. Economic order quantities ensure that we are able to provide the best prices to customers.

  • Firm and fixed pricing structure
  • Dedicated inventory per LTA requirements
  • Procurement efficiencies; no supplier management or oversight required
  • No minimum purchase required for the parts Boeing Distribution regularly stocks
  • Healthy inventory pipeline; elimination of shortages
  • No penalty for over- or underestimating yearly consumption of parts Boeing Distribution Services regularly stocks