Imperial Fasteners / kotadia Inc. can assist you in improving production efficiency through kitting and assembly. Kitting bundles related products such as fasteners into one product called a kit, and assembly arranges all the parts of a kit so that it is ready for shipping.

We are well-equipped to handle all C-part kitting and assembly with one goal in mind: to fulfill your requirements efficiently, safely, and with the highest quality so that you receive products you need on time

The kitting process is quality controlled to protect the integrity of all kits and can be integrated into your current inventory management program.

Our kitting capabilities include the following:

  • Labels and bagging for simple kitting, or custom labeling and bagging for more complex kits with many parts. Custom packaging is available.
  • Fulfilling complex work instructions that meet your standardization requirements.
  • Assemblies that meet your Bill of Materials.
  • Help with outside processing such as thread patching or plating.
  • High-quality monitoring that covers the first article to the final inspection. Validation of all certifications occurs during receiving.
  • Complete monitoring and accountability for all products that are either in stock or shipped to customers using state-of-the-art Enterprise Resource Planning for our distribution system.

The following are some of our kitting and assembly features:

  • For mass manufacturing, assure maximum financial capacity by evaluating processes and improving them.
  • Add customer value by easing customer fulfillment and simplifying your Bill of Materials. Instead of dealing with many pieces, each with their own Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), you only have to track the kit SKU composed of the related pieces.
  • Develop procedures to eliminate duplication and waste. These can include re-engineering product parts before production to create a more cost-effective design and resolving bottlenecks by predicting them ahead of time before they affect kitting and assembly.

For more information about Kotadia’s kitting and assembly services, contact us at

Kotadia Inc. Kitting and Assembly and Its Features by Kotadia Inc. / Imperial Fasteners