Imperial Fasteners-India, Bangalore and Ahmedabad is a Leading Manufacturer, Suppliers, Exporters Of Stainless Steel Fasteners – Screws A2, A4, 304, 316, 310 18-8 Grades, for Industrial, Commercial, and mil-spec fastener markets. As per DIN, ISO, IS, BS, JIS, ASTM, ASME, SAE national and international standard

Hexagon head bolt / hex bolt, hexagon head screw, round head square neck bolt [carriage bolt] hexagon socket head cap screw [Allen Cap], hexagon wood screw [coach screw], hexagon flange bolts [flange head bolts], anchor bolts, hexagon socket button head screw, hexagon socket countersunk head cap screw [Allen csk], dome head bolt, threaded rod, stud, Phillips pan head screw [pan Phillips], Phillips csk [countersunk, csk Phillips] head screw, cheese head screw, pan head screw, round head screw, truss head screw, wing screw, hammer drive screw, washer head pan Phillips screw, wafer head screw, self tapping screw, self drilling screw, wood screw, anti theft bolt nut screw, security screw fasteners, security nut, hex nut, wing nuts, dome nut, cap nut, acorn nut, rivet nut, clinch nut, insert nuts, T-nut, Hammer nut, long nut, square nuts, hexagon weld nuts, nyloc nuts, cage nuts, clinch nut, threaded rods, dowel screws, spacer, standoff, self clinching nut, self clinching standoff, plain [flat washer] & spring washer, circlips, e-clips, e-ring, cotter pins, split pins, dowel pins, spring dowel, ball plunger, external & internal tooth [star washer] washer, disc washer, pop rivets, solid rivets, and many more…

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